Bay Innovation Group

From inspiration to application...

How does Bay Innovation Group work?

The Bay Innovation Group (BIG) method facilitates the identification and development of therapeutic medical device technologies for unmet clinical needs. By working with BIG, inventors can bring their concepts into focus, and more rapidly realize their market potential and value through development and commercialization.

What is our method?

1. Definition
Utilizing a multidisciplinary creative process, BIG works with the inventor to clarify and define the concepts.

2. Assessment
A thorough due diligence process defines the novel and proprietary aspects as well as market potential.

3. Focus and potential
The BIG iterative process provides a protected intellectual space for these novel concepts to refine and mature, while the BIG team identifies their strengths and potential clinical applications.

4. Creating something BIG
BIG utilizes its clinical, scientific, engineering and business development resources in parallel paths to accelerate the process.

Intellectual property is filed.
Innovative engineers create and evaluate prototypes.
The market and business analyses become the foundation of a business plan.

5. Realization of value
Commercialization is planned and pursued through licensing, acquisition, or funding of a new venture.